Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Latest Garena Crack

In this post, im gonna teach u guys to use the latest Garena Crack... I've tested it, as long as u follow my instructions, ur id wont get banned...

1. Download the file. Garena Anti-Hack ByPass.exe
2. Install it.
3. Open Garena n join any room.
4. Open Garena Anti-Hack ByPass.
5. Find Garena.exe n double click it.
6. Click the module tab.
7. Find GEngine.dll n right click it.
8. Choose Unload.
9. Close the 2 windows.

10.Follow the pictures.

11.Find the directory of ur maphack n open it.

12.After that, start Warcraft III.
13.Thats all, hope u guys enjoy hacking!!

Note:U muz follow the instructions as stated above, especially the words in bold, or ur computer will restart automatically.

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