Sunday, June 28, 2009


2day dunno y play DotA feed like hell..... Maybe not in form......

Shadow French Maphack

If u r using Shadow French Maphack, n u c shadows instead of Hero model, here is the solution

1. Open Shadow french
2. Then open Garena Xtreme v3.0, an d login
3. enter a room, then start war3.
4. B4 u click Local Area Network, minimize war3 and activate Shadow French Maphack, then go back to war3 n click LAN.
5. U can hack it without seeing shadows

Here is the link for Shadow French Maphack

Garena Xtreme v3.0

For those hu r using Garena Xtreme v3.0, pls kindly follow these steps in order to get 11x 50 exp/15 mins.

1. Open Garena Xtreme v3.0
2. Type ur id n password
3. choose server 1 then login.
4. repeat step 1 n 2
5. this time choose server 2
6. This is the most important step. Click muti-client settings, which is situated at the right-bottom of the program, n chage the UDP port to 1514. Then login.
7. when u choose server 3 change the UDP port to 1515, n so on.
8. Remeber, u must enter a room to get 50 exp/15 mins, or not u'll get half only

Thats all, hope u guys can lvl up fast
Below is the link for Garena Xtreme v3.0

My Garena Clan - Dark Order

Yesterday, i cr8d a new clan, Dark Order, but facing some problems. I can't manage my clan members, so pls w8 patiently. I'll recruit clan membera ASAP when i solve those annoying problem.

Huhuhu, my blog created

This is my 1st blog, hope my frens can giv some comments about my blog. I'll be posting DotA stuff, like latest map, ai maps, maphacks n garena cracks.