Friday, August 7, 2009

juz now play dota.... team wif jiayang n his frenz, pk zhongjiacheng....
zhongjiacheng do host.. v the scourge
i use bh, team wif x, enchant, lion n tinker. jiayang use tinker
jiacheng use riki, yi en use es, xiaosheng(i think is jiehao)use clinkz, wenchengfeng use jugger, n sk-II(i dunno hu is him) use spectre.
their team tis game very odd... they choose their hero 1st, so our team got many hero counter them de....
i n x go top, pk riki n clinkz. jiayang solo mid pk spectre, enchant n lion btm, pk es n jugger....
my teammate all so pro!!!! they get 1st blood at btm, kill jugger... i kill 2 die 2, jiayang tinker mega kill, that enchant oso mega kill... when our team is on the upper-hand, u noe wat happened? I DC-ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD DAMN IT HOLY SHIT FUKING ASSHOLE MA DE CHAO JI BAI LAN JIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! their team de clinkz oso dc............ dunno is it host prob or my prob.... hope they will win, help us revenge.

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