Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garena Xtreme v3.0

For those hu r using Garena Xtreme v3.0, pls kindly follow these steps in order to get 11x 50 exp/15 mins.

1. Open Garena Xtreme v3.0
2. Type ur id n password
3. choose server 1 then login.
4. repeat step 1 n 2
5. this time choose server 2
6. This is the most important step. Click muti-client settings, which is situated at the right-bottom of the program, n chage the UDP port to 1514. Then login.
7. when u choose server 3 change the UDP port to 1515, n so on.
8. Remeber, u must enter a room to get 50 exp/15 mins, or not u'll get half only

Thats all, hope u guys can lvl up fast
Below is the link for Garena Xtreme v3.0

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